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History of the Festival

Since its first edition in 2001, the Festival has grown considerably: from 6 documentary films to 60 (including national movie previews); from 300 people in its first edition to more than 30,000. Since 2006, the festival became not just a place for cinema, but also for contemporary art, music and the meeting point for important guests as: Nobel Prize Winners Luis Sepulveda, Dario Fo and Wislawa Szimborska; producers and film-directors as Fernando Solanas, Gianni Minà, Avi Mograbi, Elia Sivan, Saverio Costanzo, Gianfranco Rosi, Cesar Brie, Fabrizio Grosoli, Laura Marcellino, gli scrittori Carlo Lucarelli, Pino Cacucci, Marcello Flores; journalists Rula Jebreal and Roberto Silvestri; festival directors Marco Müller, Arabi Mocheke, Keith Shiri, Kebour Ghenna, Humberto Mancilla, Julio Santucho; actors Mohamed Bakri, Chiwetel Ejiofor; and important actors of culture and cinema of the city of Bologna such as Vittorio Boarini, Chiara Segafredo, Guy Lydster, Dim Sampaio, Aliona Shumakova, Elfi Reiter, Gianni Sofri, Matilde Callari Galli, Roberto Grandi, Anna Maria Gentili, Andrea Segrè.