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9/18 MAY 2014

  • Festival 2014 - Conclusions and thanks

    What is Human Rights Nights?

    HUMAN RIGHTS NIGHTS is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting a  human  rights culture and the respect of civil rights by giving value to cultural diversity and participation in contemporary plural society. Founded in 2013 as an cultural and solidarity organisation, Human Rights Nights is active from more than 10 years at local and global level through the production of cultural and artistic events, communication campaigns, social projects and international cooperation, to fulfill the ethical vision for a just, equal and peaceful world, in harmony with nature.

    Human Rights Nights Festival 2014

    Human Rights Nights - the festival of cinema arts and music for human rights is back in Bologna from 9th to 18th May 2014: films and documentaries on social ossies, concerts, arts exhibitions, conferences and debates and the opportunity to taste world cuisine of our city. A programme of human rights that is the expression of a permanent campaign to raise awareness on human rights, the environment and cultural diversity. Human Rights Nights will tour in Romagna - Forlì, Ravenna, Rimini and Cesena in May, June - and participate to human rights events in Italy and the world.

    HRNs as a local and global Network

    Human Rights Nights is a key reference center for human rights in Bologna and worldwid, in partnerships with a strong network of local and international organizations, institutions and activists. Together, we develop every year specific human rights themes to deeply address during the festival or through social communication campaigns. Human Rights Nights has always focused on the plurality of contemporary society, committed to promote an intercultural society that respects people without any forms of racism and discrimination. Specifically, it aims to create opportunities for meeting and spaces for communication, to promote citizenship through active participation and advocacy.

    What do we do?

    Our main activity is the Human Rights Nights Festival, but we also work throughtout the whole year to achieve our goals of promoting human and civil rights - through cultural and artistic events, social communication campaigns, social actions, lobbying and advocacy, education and rehabilitation projects for youth, in partnerships with human rights festivals in the world.

    What can you do?

    Human Rights Nights is not just us! You are, too! Join us, help us, work with us! You are an artist, a NGO, a filmmaker, a scholar, a chef, a creative... send us your ideas for the festival and our human rights events!
    Become ‘Friend of HRNs’ by booking your HRNs card (click here!). Join our Crowdfunding project (online from March 12) or donate to the festival through our ethical bank account (click here to candidate as a Donor, Major Donor or Sponsor).
    Share with us your talents and skills: we are always looking for professionals, tehnicians and artists!
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