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Energia Creativa 2020


This year we celebrate 20 years of our festival “Human Rights Nights”. We promote human rights through cinema, arts, music and creativity together with our wonderful community of people, associations and cultural institutions in Bologna and the world. 

Our 20th edition of the festival is postponed to this Autumn: we hope to be able to confirm you as soon as possible our new dates. Meanwhile, we are already selecting films and events. We are also creatively re-thinking our organisations to make it have even more impact and engaging for a strong action towards a more rightful and susteinable society. 

For the next days of May we have prepared for you a contaminations of positive energy - a creative and solidal inspiration through visuals, connections, live music and arts, to celebrate the efforts and the resiliance of everyone, a homage for this difficult moment in the world. 

Human rights, solidarity, global diversity in lockdown, the resilience of people and communities, nature... these are some of the themes that you can find from 23 May, in a intensive sharing of reflections, visuals, creativity and thinking that we have collected until now here :) 

You can find the programme and all the posts on our page


Arrivederci al Festival Human Rights Nights 2020!!! 
un grande abbraccio da parte di tutt* noi!!! 

  • What is Human Rights Nights ?

    Human Rights Nights is a non-profit organization that has been operating for over 10  years at a local and global level, in the production of cultural and artistic events, campaigns, social actions and international cooperation.

    We are Creating a partnership with a wide network of organizations, institutions and communities, our goal is to promote the culture of human rights, ensuring civil rights and value cultural diversity overall .

    Human Rights Nights has always placed emphasis on the plural reality of the contemporary world, working for the promotion of an intercultural society that respects the people against all forms of racism and discrimination.


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