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2013 - Project AMITIE

Human Rights Nights 2013 is dedicated to the issues of migration and development, inspired by the European project AMITIE, to which the activities of the festival have been interwined for a representation of the original human rights and public - including communication campaigns, conferences and film programming, all animated by events in parallel of art, fashion, sports and music.

AMITIE is a project of development education through research, training, communication, participation, it aims to create opportunities for communication, meeting and exchange on issues of migration, development and human rights. Started in 2011 in Spain, Romania, Latvia, Italy and Brazil, is co-financed by the European Union and coordinated by the City of Bologna. The objectives of AMITIE are spreading more awareness in European society and local authorities on migration as a resource for development and on the relationship between migration, development and human rights, thus facilitating new partnerships and forms of participation. From 2011 to 2013, were made on the issues AMITIE many activities, including a search on the local contexts in partner countries, focus groups with new citizens, operator training, workshops in schools, a communication campaign. Human Rights Nights Festival is a special event that shares the results of the project with the citizens of Bologna, together with international partners.