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HRN's Festival 2019

Human Rights Nights – film, art and music' s  festival about Human Rights is our main annual project,  aiming to raise awareness and take actions for the respect of human rights, with particular attention to migration, cultural diversity, environment and active citizenship. The Festival is the highlight of an extensive work of permanent campaign to raise awareness on human rights, the environment and issues of plural diversity.


Human Rights Nights over 10 years infact has engaged in the issues of human rights, migration and development in Bologna, in partnership with a wide network of organizations, institutions, local and international actors. Every year during the festival develops and deepens some specific issues and carries out actions on the field of intervention and social communication campaigns. Human Rights Nights has always placed emphasis on the plural reality of the contemporary world, working for the promotion of an intercultural society that respects the people against all forms of racism and discrimination. In particular, it addresses its commitment to the creation of meeting spaces, representation and communication to encourage participation and active citizenship, and at the same time takes advantage of these occasions as opportunities for advocacy. Through these activities, Human Rights Nights has grown into its role as a reference for human rights at  local and global level, expanding its ability to take capillary actions in the community and with the people.


Among the activities, will provide two days of conferences and debates on human rights, a week of film screenings on human rights (documentaries, features and short films, including animation and video), an artistic program that includes music concerts from the world, art's and photography exhibitions, performances and sports events, fashion and cuisine, in order to involve citizens and enhance the creativity of our plural society. The festival will also host the final event of the activities of human rights education in schools, which Human Rights Nights organizes together with other associations that operates from January to April in the schools of Bologna.


The festival takes place during 10 days, but the cultural and artistic activities to raise awareness of human rights is taking place in the months preceding the festival - also to facilitate a participatory planning and a broad involvement of our target audience - and in the following months by organizing special events and collaboration in summer festivals.


The Festival is therefore an all year long actions that involves  a dense network of associations, NGOs, migrant communities, young people, artists from immigrant and second generation, universities and schools (including those of the Juvenile Institute Pratello and the adult's Prison Dozza) also neighborhoods of the city of Bologna - for a constant exchange of knowledge and experience on issues of human rights, encounter and dialogue, enhancing our new society.


In particular, based on decades of experience of Human Rights Nights in the field of communication and promotion of human rights, migration has developed a specific strategy based on the representation of dialogue that encourage direct participation of foreign communities, young people and women, as agents of change, development and integration within our city.