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Who we are

Human Rights Nights is an organization that operates without profit to promote the culture of human rights and the protection of civil rights, it values cultural diversity and participation in contemporary plural society. Formed as an association in 2013 promoting social and cultural events. Human Rights Nights is operating for over 10 years locally and globally through the production of cultural and artistic events, communication campaigns, social actions and international cooperation, pursuing an ethical vision for a fair and equal world.

Human Rights Nights is a reference center for human rights in Bologna as well as a global partnership with a wide network of organizations, institutions, local and international actors, which develops and explores specific issues and carries out social communication campaigns.

The main result of the work of Human Rights Nights is the Bologna Festival which is held in  spring, the organization undertakes throughout the year  pursuing their goals of protecting civil rights, through the implementation of cultural and artistic events, social communication campaigns, spaces for dialogue and encounter, actions of social intervention, lobbying and advocacy. Develops projects of human rights's education for young people, raising community's awareness allowing partnership with the human rights 's festivals worldwide.

Our activities

Human Rights Nights operates non-profit and with the aim of promoting the culture of human rights and the protection of civil rights valuing cultural diversity and participation in contemporary plural society, through cultural, artistic, communication, study, research, social action, solidarity and cooperation, both locally and internationally. Human Rights Nights was set up as an association of social promotion, thus formalizing over 10 years of cultural, social, local action and international cooperation for human rights, promoted by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, Bologna City Council and University of Bologna. The association, founded by professionals who over the years have managed and developed the project Human Rights Nights, then a curriculum of activities and administration for several years, managed over the years by the Artistic Director (now President of the association) according to the guidelines of the Executive Committee (now the Executive Council of the Association). Central activity of Human Rights Nights is the organization and the artistic direction of the festival's annual Human Rights Nights, film festivals, art and music devoted to the issues of human rights, created, maintained and developed since its inception in 2001 by Giulia Grassilli, President of this association. The Festival is a project to raise awareness and take action for the respect of human rights, with particular attention to migration, cultural diversity, environment and active citizenship.

The association pursues its objectives through the following activities:

Organization of events, exhibitions, demonstrations, creative and artistic productions throughout the year at local, national and international level, through all forms of artistic expression - film, art, music, fashion, food, literature, design, etc. . - For the promotion of human rights and the protection of civil rights;

Promoting initiatives that enhance and recognize the plural creativity program of  the festival Human Rights Nights and activities of the association throughout the years, and through the promotion of international competitions, contests, prizes and invitations including the Prize Mutti for the promotion of the migrants filmmakers, of foreign origin or descent;

Strengthening of the local and global network of human rights, creating and establishing relationships and partnerships with organizations, individuals and communities in line with its principles, including the network of international film festivals on human rights; Human Rights Film Network, of which Human Rights Nights is a founding member;

Conception, organization, management and promotion of social communication campaigns locally and globally, in line with its objectives and mission of human rights promotion and protection of civil rights;

Actions of social intervention and solidarity for the protection of civil rights and human development, both locally and internationally;

Advocacy actions of the authorities and institutions, to enhance and give voice to those who do not always have it, creating spaces of communication, encounter and dialogue open and participatory;

Activities of human rights education, cultural diversity, migration and development, aimed at the general population, but also through specific activities aimed at young people, university students and schools of all levels, including  the areas of the educational community recovery of penal institutions and juvenile prisons detention;

Management, support, advice and promotion of international projects of construction of the festival on human rights in the world and the pursuit of international cooperation projects and international volunteer for the promotion of human rights and development, in collaboration with local realities.