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Human Rights Nights has always interacted and cooperated at international level with festivals and organizations of the social sector and cinema industry on human rights. Human Rights Nights is: founding member of Human Rights Film Network, a network of more than 30 festivals on human rights all over the world (conceived in 2003 by Human Rights Nights along with Amnesty International Film Festival Amsterdam and Human Rights Watch, officially created in 2004 by 14 founding members, currently counting more than 30 participating members in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania); promoter for the creation of the Latin-American Network of Festivals on Social Cinema and for Human Rights; partner for the creation of human rights festivals in Sarajevo (Bosnia), Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) and  AfricanBamba Human Rights Film and Arts Festival in Thiaroye (Senegal); privileged partner of Soweto Arts Festival in Johannesburg (South Africa), DerHumALC in Buenos Aires (Argentina), El Septimo Ojo in Sucre (Bolivia); member of Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity by UNESCO; partner of Good Pitch Europe 2011, by Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation; member of Puma Creative African Network.