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Human Rights Nights realizes its activities along with an ever-growing network of local, national and international authorities, organizations, associations, agencies and communities in the social, cultural, human rights sectors: national and international NGOs, foreign communities, inmates and minors centres, spiritual centres, recreation centres for the elderly, social centres and other festivals.

Human Rights Nights has a growing role not only in representing human rights but also as a actor of social changing for a better and eco-friendly world, taking part to the realization and promotion of social communication campaigns: the promotion of the campaigns on civil and political rights with Amnesty International; the campaigns on the environment by Greenpeace, Legambiente and Indica; the awareness campaign on food and recycling with Oxfam, Last Minute Market, GVC and Cospe; the collaboration for the presence of the health system in marginal situations and during conflicts, with Doctors Without Borders e Emergency.


Human Rights Nights hosts the Gianandrea Mutti Award, an idea developed by Officina Cinema Sud-Est, promoted by Amici di Giana in collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna. It is a unique award in Italy aimed at enhancing the creativity of film-makers resident in Italy and native of Africa, Asia and America.

Human Rights Nights cooperates with AMITIE – Awareness on Migration, Development and Human Rights through local partnership – a project financed by the European Union to promote the awareness of the link between migration, development and human rights, through a stereotype-free communication.

Moreover, Human Rights Nights cooperates with African Bamba in the organization of music and cinema events to recover urban spaces at social risk, through the improvement of marginalized energies and creativities.