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Our History

Formed in 2013 as a cultural association of social promotion, Human Rights Nights operating for over 10 years locally and globally through the production of cultural and artistic events, communication campaigns, social actions and international cooperation, pursuing ethical vision for a more fair and equal world.

The Association, founded by professionals who over the years have created and edited the project with the support of Fondazione Cineteca of Bologna, Municipality and University of Bologna, then a curriculum of activities and administration for several years, which has made over time reference center for human rights in the territory as well as abroad, in partnership with a wide network of organizations, institutions, involving local and international actors.

Human Rights Nights has always placed emphasis on the plural reality of the contemporary world, working for the promotion of an intercultural society that respects the people against all forms of racism and discrimination. In particular, it addresses its commitment to the creation of meeting spaces, representation and communication that encourages participation and active citizenship, and at the same time takes advantage of these occasions as opportunities for advocacy.